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Value Opinions By Mail
This service is for paintings, sculpture, prints and drawings that, due to distance, we are unable to examine personally.

In order to provide a researched, written Professional Opinion for your artwork, we need to receive the following items:
  1. The completed information form below, and

  2. Two clear photographs of your artwork. Once we receive this information, we will contact you with an estimate of a cost for the appraisal. Fees reflect both the type of research needed and the liability we assume when providing a Professional Opinion. Payment is necessary before any work is begun.

  3. Payment of $175.00 as a retainer Thank you!

Your Name:
City, State, Zip Code:
E-mail Address:

Please fill out a separate form for each work

Title of Work:
(Oil paint on canvas, watercolor on paper, pastel on paper, etching, lithograph, bronze, marble, wood, etc.):

Dimensions: (Height precedes Width. If the artwork is a print, include both image size and paper size.)

Do any numbers appear on the work? (what?, where?)

Is there a Signature? (How is the name signed, location, signed in pencil, pen, paint?)

Is the Work dated? (Where, printed or handwritten?)

Titled? (Written or printed?)

Dedication or Other Notation? (What is it, where is it?)

How was the artwork acquired? (If purchased, please give the name of the gallery or auction and year purchased; if a gift or inherited, please provide the name(s) of the previous owner(s) and year acquired, if known.)

Include any notes on condition and describe any damage.

Include any other information you may have.

Please indicate the intended use of the report (please circle one):
  • Sale of artwork
  • Insurance
  • Donation
  • Estate Settlement
  • Other (please describe):
Shipping Information:
In special cases, we may request that you send us your artwork for our examination. Art works shipped to our office will be returned using the same shipping method that they were sent unless we receive other instructions from you. Clients are responsible for insuring artwork to and from our office and while the artwork is in our office and will be billed for any professional packing and shipping costs. Thank You.

Thank you for this opportunity to be of service to you.

Please remember we need to receive:
  1. An information form, completed to the best of your knowledge.
  2. Two clear photographs of each work. Before we can proceed.
  3. Payment of $150.00
Thank you!

Randolph E. Osman Associates Art Appraisal
330 Bridge St. (shipping only)
P.O. Box One (all US mail)
Falls City, Oregon 97344
(503) 787-3301

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